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Read & Write DNA

Advanced genomics tools integrated with computational innovation to decode extensive genomic data are at the center of public health and healthcare. As clinical genomics hinges on the accurate reading of the genomic footprints of disease markers and therapeutic targets, advanced technologies, customizable tools, and gene panels have given birth to precision medicine. Interestingly, reading or sequencing the genome has become more accessible, faster, and affordable over the last two decades. Our globally renowned partners like Illumina and Universal Sequencing have the most qualitative platforms to fit your dream sequencing lab. Move over genetically modified species, whereby one or a few genes are genetically engineered. One can now write an entire new gene. As profound as it sounds, writing genomes or parts of it has been made possible through neat and innovative technologies in cloning methodologies and automation thereof. A do-it-yourself (DIY) gene writing/creating synthetic genes may seem fantasy-like; Hail—the world’s first automated gene printing platform BioXp 3250 from our partners Codex DNA . Imagine creating tens of long synthetic gene constructs in your own lab within hours, without having to do tedious plasmid preps or dealing with contamination or low yields. This can potentially accelerate advances in the fields of personalized medicine, antibody engineering, vaccine development, biologics, and more.

Analogous to a film reel that can be edited with a cut here and a paste there, the genome is explored in newer ways through genome editing. Moreover, access to genome editing tools like CRISPR, TALENs, ZFNs, and MAGE are helping create new paradigms in diagnostics, therapeutic interventions, and GM foods. This has poised a revolutionary ecosystem for developing new molecular devices and game-changing immunotherapies like CARTs, genome-edited crops, and gene therapy-based treatments. In addition, drugs like Zolgensma for Spinal Muscular atrophy have paved new ways for researchers to solve long-impending healthcare problems. Our partners Twist Biosciences provide customized products assisting synthetic biology researchers in editing genomes the way they want.

Best Technology platforms

Enabling researchers to accelerate discovery and clinical outcomes.

Our ensembled portfolio boasts of the most powerful, unique & high-throughput platforms in the market.

Novaseq 6000

Broad, deep sequencing for bigger discoveries.

Chromium Controller

Single cell resolution to maximize biological insight

Novaseq 6000

Broad, deep sequencing for bigger discoveries.







Hola !

We are Premas Life Sciences

Incepted in 2011 by a team of highly experienced and proficient professionals, we are a young, dynamic, focused life science company in Delhi.
We aim to constantly be the technology & knowledge partners for the Indian research & clinical diagnostics community.

Premas life Science
  • We endeavor to bring cutting-edge tools for applications across human health, agriculture, biopharma, environment, forensics, energy, and much more to researchers and innovation-focused organizations. With the advent of genomics & proteomics, leveraging the latest technology to gain an edge in mining and interpreting information has become imperative. With our ensemble range of products, we facilitate to answer the vital questions of people's research using some of the most innovative tools from across the world.

It’s Science & we choose wisely!

  • Our versatile portfolio of leading global technologies boasts of some of the most exciting genomics and cell biology tools manufactured by global giants like Illumina, Fluidigm, Agilent, 10X Genomics, and others have tremendously boosted the popularity of the company. Over the years, PLS's dedicated and persistent client-centric approach has transformed this enterprise from a young start-up to an established leader with a CAGR of 60% in a short period.

Our Years of Hardwork resulted in some great Milestones

Our "scientists assisting scientists" approach has helped the researcher & clinician community make better-informed decisions for their project outcome.






Our Global Partners are leading the Technological revolution across the world.

They are the early adaptors and have carved a niche for themselves. We believe that their technologies are improving and fastening the scientific processes.

The Future is Genomics

Watch Praveen Gupta (MD, Premas LifeSciences) at Illumina Tribe Global Channel Partner Summit

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And boast highly of us. We are incredibly grateful for our customer's belief in our capabilities. .

Premas is certainly one of the best partners we have worked with, either for technology instrument provider or consumables provider. They have shown a very high level of integrity, needed scientific understanding and maturity in working with us. I truly appreciate Praveens role and contribution in building this healthy work environment. I look forward to continuing this further

  • Taslimarif Sayed
    Taslimarif Sayed

    CEO & Director , C-camp

We have been associated with them from April 2017 end when we started NGS HLA typing at Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation. The sales and service teams of Premas Life Sciences are excellent. Responses have always been prompt and the engineers are very helpful, dedicated and knowledgeable. When there has been a breakdown in the equipment they were immediately available online to check the system. Their timely suggestions in maintaining the instruments have helped us improve our quality. Their service helps us run our sequencing lab smoothly.

  • Dr. Srinivasan Periathiruvadi
    Dr. Srinivasan Periathiruvadi

    Founder , Jevan Stem Cell Foundation

Premas, as a truly professional and committed team; is always ready to find solutions suited to customer needs. Looking forward to working with you.

  • Dr Nilesh Nayee
    Dr Nilesh Nayee

    National Dairy Development Board

There are very few suppliers who go beyond a transactional relationship and truly enter the zone of partnership. Premas is one such organization for us. The members of the sales team, application specialists, service and the leadership team have been extraordinary in their support and have made it a point to go above and beyond agreed timelines, schedules, deliverables and value every single time that we have interacted with them. At a personal level, I would not make any technology decisions without using Premas leadership as a sounding board. It is a delight to work with them and pleasure doing business.

  • Mr .Lalith Kishore
    Mr .Lalith Kishore

    President & CEO - Reprocell

I thank you and your Premas Lifesciences team for continued, and often out-of-the-box, support to implement various large-scale genomics activities in the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics in a timely and cost-effective manner. As we expand our genomics activities, we shall look forward to your further help and support.

  • Prof .Partha P .Majumdar
    Prof .Partha P .Majumdar

    Founder - NIBMG Kalyani